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Starting @ Rs.2,099/- by Private Car (upto 4 Travelers)

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Dehradun 1 Day Tour Packages
Dehradun 1 Day Tour Packages (courtesy: wiki)

Dehradun, the gateway to the popular hill station Mussoorie and pilgrimage sites Haridwar and Rishikesh, is known for boasting stunning landscapes and natural wonders. Home to some of the prestigious schools and universities of India, Dehradun is also famous as the Educational Hub of Uttarakhand. Whether you’re honeymooners, solo travellers, or planning a family vacation, the city has something to offer for everyone. Our 1 Day Dehradun Tour Package ensures that you get to explore all the impressive sights of the city for a memorable trip.

As Dehradun is nestled in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, you can see plenty of waterfalls, springs, and natural cave formations. There are absolutely no limits to the activities you can do in Dehradun. From trekking, hiking, and rafting to visiting the famous monasteries, temples, natural springs, and waterfalls, the city of Dehradun matches everyone’s expectations.

You can visit the Mindroling Monastery, enjoy the thrilling atmosphere at Robber's Cave, or soak your feet in the water of Sahastradhara. The climate of the city remains comfortable throughout the year. However, the best time to plan a trip to Dehrdaun is from March to June, as the weather stays neutral, neither too cold nor too hot.

With so many places to visit in Dehradun, planning a trip for a single day can be overwhelming. That’s why at Holidays DNA, we’ve done all the hard work for you and created a detailed list of 1 Day Dehradun Tour Packages. So, you don’t have to waste time planning the tour, booking cabs, hotels, etc. We’ll take care of everything so that you can explore Dehradun without any hassle.

Moreover, no matter where you wish to travel in Dehradun, our trusted cab vendors will provide you with a quality car rental experience. Whether you’re planning a family, friends, or solo trip, you’ll always find the finest vehicles with experienced drivers to have a memorable trip.

Our cab service providers will also offer you customised 1 day Dehradun tour packages. From the packages, you can choose your own sightseeing places to explore. No matter what your budget and requirements are, we have customised tour packages to fit all your needs.

Top Places to Visit in 1 Day Dehradun Tour Packages
1. Robber’s Cave
Robber’s Cave, Dehradun

Robber’s cave, also known as Gucchipani, is a naturally formed river cave located around 8 km from Dehradun city. The most extraordinary feature you will notice inside the cave is the water flowing through the middle of the cave. The dark stones, gurgling streams, and echoes inside the Robber's cave will make you feel surreal. The place is a perfect destination for picnics and nature photography. Rober’scave is also frequently visited by adventurer lovers. You have to trek for at least 1 km through the village Anarwala to reach this marvellous place.

2. Forest Research Institute
Forest Research Institute, Dehradun

Set against the beautiful backdrop of the Doon Valley, the Forest Research Institute is spread over an area of 450 hectares. Established in 1906, the buildings of the Research Institute have a unique blend of colonial and Greco-Roman architectural styles. Because of this marvellous architecture, several popular Bollywood movies, like Student of the Year, Paan Singh Tomar, and Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, were shot inside the institute.

What's more, the Forest Research Institute houses a Botanical Museum based on forestry research. Apart from this, the prestigious institute is also known for housing amenities like a library, laboratories, herbarium, arboreta, etc.

3. Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple
Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple, Dehradun

Your trip to Dehradun will remain incomplete without visiting the humble abode of Lord Shiva- the Tapkeshwar Temple. The cave shrine is nestled along the banks of river Tons and surrounded by high hills. From the main city of Dehradun, Tapkeshwar Temple is only 7 km away.

According to local legends, this temple was once the home of Mahabharata’s Guru, Dronacharya. That’s why it is also known as Drona Cave. Apart from offering your prayers, you can visit the temple for trekking and picnics. You can also dip your toe in the water springs near the temple.

4. Mindroling Monastery
Mindroling Monastery, Dehradun

Being one of the largest Buddhist temples in India, Mindrolling Monastery easily makes it to the list of best sightseeing places to visit in Dehradun. The architecture of the monastery is a visual wonder. The garden, walls, stupa, and every art form inside the monastery is inspired by Japanese architecture style.

The monastery has various ornate gold colour wall paintings which depict the life of Lord Buddha. Mindrolling Monastery is also famous for housing one of the tallest Buddha statues. The statue of Lord Buddha has a height of 220 feet and 100 square feet in width. Every year thousands of tourists from all over India as well as abroad come to visit Mindrolling Monastery to attain spirituality.

5. Sahastradhara
Sahastradhara, Dehradun

Sahastradhara, or the thousand-fold spring, is a collection of multiple waterfalls gushing down from a height of 30 feet. The water of the Sahastradhara is famous for having medicinal value. As the waterfall comes in contact with limestone stalactites, the spring water is rich in sulphur. The locals believe that this sulphur-rich water can cure many skin diseases.

Apart from the medical value of the water, Sahastradhara is also known as a picnic spot. The Baldi River and caves enhance the surrounding beauty of the waterfalls. A ropeway ride is also available to reach the top of the Sahastradhara. You can get a magnificent view of the waterfall surroundings from the ropeway. The best time to visit this beautiful place is during the monsoon.

6. Zonal Museum
Zonal Museum, Dehradun

Zonal Museum is situated only 5 km away from Dehradun Railway Station and 500 m from the Forest Research Institute. From kids to adults, the interesting artefacts from the Zonal Museum attract tourists of all ages. The museum is mainly popular for displaying historical artefacts related to the origin, sustenance, and development of humankind.

Zonal Mesum also houses various anthropological artefacts that pay tribute to the origin and social customs of the ancient living people in the Himalayan foothills. If you want to learn about the traditional culture and customs of Uttarakhand’s people, Zonal Museum is a must-visit.

7. Chetwode Hall
Chetwode Hall, Dehradun

If you want to experience a sense of pride and patriotism, Chetwode Hall is a must-visit place in Dehradun. Established in the year 1932, the Chetwode Hall is a training academy for the Indian military. The architecture and surrounding beauty of this academy are fascinating. Spread over an area of 1400 acres, the Chetwode Hall is adorned with lecture halls, a library, computer labs, an auditorium, a cafe and many more.

Along with this, visitors can also witness museums, golf courses, and war memorials inside the main campus. Before visiting the academy, you need to have special permission. However, the academy is open to all on the graduation day of the cadets.

There you go! If you're planning to stay in Dehradun for a day or two, the above-mentioned places must be on your 1 day Dehradun tour packages. Apart from these, you can also visit some fun and scenic places like Rajaji National Park, Lachhiwala, Malsi Deer Park, MDDA Park, Assan Barrage, Clock Tower, Tibetan Market, Tiger Falls, Paltan Bazaar, Ram Ra Gurudwara, and many more.

Travelling to all the sightseeing places within Dehradun is extremely comfortable as you can access various modes of transportation. You can choose from multiple options such as buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaws to trains. You can also choose private cabs from some of the best car rental companies in Dehradun to have a wholesome trip.

If you’re planning to extend your Dehradun trip for three or four days, then you can go on an exclusive tour to places like Mussoorie (37 km), Dhanaulti (63 km), Rishikesh (47 km), Haridwar (55 km), Chakrata (86 km), Kalsi (44 km), and Kempty Falls (52 km).

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